This year we land in China

This year we land in China

We arrive at a new continent with the translation into chinese of two of our atlas: The funniest atlas in the world and The funniest atlas in the space. The chinese market, which is very interested in science books, will distribute these two titles all over the country.

The funniest atlas in the world has been published in catalan and spanish by La Galera, and it has been published also in french by Bayard. Instead, The funniest atlas in the space, still unpublished, will be released for the first time in chinese bookshops.

The main characters of the books are Rita and Ramon, two cousins and friends. They live adventures while they walk around all the continents and planets. With them, children will discover some of the most interesting places in our world, and on their space trip they will know the planets of the solar system, what is gravity, how does a rocket work and much more.

Both books have flaps full of curiosities. Besides, the world atlas contains a memory game and the space atlas brings the pieces to build a rocket.

We’re very happy to publish on a new continent. We’d like to wish a funny reading to all the chinese children!

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