Somnins takes part in a charity campaing for Rett Syndrome

Somnins takes part in a charity campaing for Rett Syndrome

On November 25 was held the 17th edition of the charity dinner for Rett Syndrome in the W hotel in Barcelona. There was a good turnout and we took part with a donation of books published by Somnins. The event was led by Tomas Molina and the music was in charge of Raquel Lúa, by the Taller de Músics.

The purpose of this annual dinner is to raise awareness and to let people know about this disease and the needs of the girls who suffer from it. Its aim is also to raise money for therapies to improve their treatment and promote their autonomy on their daily life.

Rett Syndrome is a genetic neurological disease that can affect children, especially girls. This disorder can be accompanied by a progressive deterioration in psychomotor functions, symptoms of autism and a progressive loss of language. The children affected by this syndrome are totally dependent, and the association is committed to improving the quality of their life and to promote a meeting environment for their families.

Somnins is very committed to the world we live in, and we always keep an eye on the welfare of children. We feel very proud to collaborate with this kind of events with our work and to help make life easier in different social realities. We would like to thank the Catalan Association of Rett Syndrome for its task and the girls and their families for their strength and courage to go ahead.


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