‘The Magic Walking Stick’, the newest personalised story

‘The Magic Walking Stick’, the newest personalised story

On sale the latest book written and edited by Somnins. The Magic Walking Stick is the newest personalised story on the online plattform www.superprota.com

In The Magic Walking Stick the kid becomes the protagonist of a story plenty of fantasy that changes depending on the letters of its name. A wicked ogre named Thor steals the magic stick of an old lady with which he could harm the village. The brave and unselfish protagonist would like to find the stick, and to do it he must join the pieces of a map that will drive him to the secret place where the ogre is hidden.
Only some of the inhabitants of the forest where the ogre lives have these pieces and the protagonist must take those that contains a letter of his name.

A mysterious adventure in a forest full of surprises, with some very special characters. Do you fancy to live it?

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