Carme always has the right world

Carme always has the right world

We’re very excited because we’ve started the year launching a collection of books on the kiosk: A word of emotions (Un mundo de emociones). Such a big project has meant a challenge for Somnins, but thanks to the team that has developed the project, the challenge has become extremely easy. A mainstay of the team has been Carme Dolz, the great writer of the collection. She’s very enthusiastic about her work. Every week she gives us a story full of emotions. Her inspiration is her «personal experiences, and also the dreams (awake or asleep)», says. And he adds: «my children inspire me with their magical thinking. I always liked looking at reality, at people, and I like trying to figure out what they think or how they feel. Walking through the mountains, sailing, swimming and enjoying the nature awakens my senses and makes me pay attention to details. And also nature gives me a lot of ideas!»

We strongly agree with Carme when she says that «education is the base to understand the world.» She is an educator and is aware that her profession contributes much to society. «The knowledge in our society is focused on memorization and learning concepts, but we often neglect another sort of knowledge which is grasping, that means rational thinking. A more creative pedagogy is required to develop a better understanding of the sensory part of our personal reality

It’s very nice to work with Carme. She defines herself as a «restless person. I would never stop creating, developing new projects, and learning!» She says she does not have a professional goal because her profession is part of her personal life: «so, for me, it would be like knowing which is the goal of my life, and I still don’t.»

What she knows well is that within each of us «there’s a small person to be fed». For her, being a girl is «having the ability to be surprised by the small things, enjoy new discoveries, to laugh, cry and allow the emotions to invade us», and adds «I love the energy and vitality children have, although sometimes it becomes exhausting!»  


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