Esther Méndez understands the illustration as the entrance to literature

Esther Méndez understands the illustration as the entrance to literature

Let us introduce you an illustrator with whom we have recently worked. Esther draws and makes animation, and as she says, she loves challenges and complicated things, she enjoys all kind of stories and formats.

As an illustrator, she looks for the inspiration on the “unexpected moments of her everyday life, such as a sentence of a song, a conversation, a bookstore or even a tattoo”. She collects all these moments to make them go out when she has to find the inspiration.

Esther says that the illustration is the entrance to the world of literature: with just an image, “we can explaine stories of all kinds. One random image can make anyone stop, look and react about that image”. And this is especially important in the children’s world “in which those little people still relate to the world through images and in which we have the challenge to convey with the illustrations the richness and power of language.

Our work needs always to have a meaning, and this is the goal of Esther. “I value the illustration, not only because it’s creative and pleasant to do” but also I also like to participate in projects that have an “interesting background to offer beyond the aesthetics”.

And to the question of what it’s for her to be a girl, she tells us that she means “being someone who adores everything surrounds her, who has a curious and open gaze to learn and know, and also someone who laughs and also cries spontaneously. It’s to be someone who has everything to discover and no laziness or prejudice will stop her. Someone who should have time to play, to be free and to be happy”.

We love it because Esther is able to capture all this ideology in her drawings, and we also like to remind us that “as adults, we also have almost everything to discover”.


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