Sigrid Martínez, queen of the textures

Sigrid Martínez, queen of the textures

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Sigrid several times and we love the sensibility of her characters, and her patterns and textures that fill the pages of colour and fantasy. When facing the blank, she affirms that she catches the inspiration from the combinations of colours. She also says that she’s inspired by «forms and spaces that I see around, and also by works of other authors or artists».

We pose the question of what does she think her profession brings to society, and she responds that «illustration is present in many areas». Creativity is felt everywhere, especially in children books. She’s convinced that the illustration inspires children and makes their imagination fly, «I cannot imagine children books without illustrations», exclaims.

Sigrid cannot imagine herself making anything else other than illustrate: «it would be great to keep on working on what I really like, and have new projects which allow me to evolve as an illustrator». Sigrid never stops, she keeps on creating always.

It is of course very fortunate to work on what one like, as it is as well not to take away from the children world. For Sigrid, being a child is to «be free to move through life doing what one really feels. As well as the idea that everything is possible

If you would like to know her better, take a look at her drawings and check how they make possible what seems impossible. In this link you will find many of her works

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