Marta Biel, always ready to create

Marta Biel, always ready to create

If there’s someone always ready to create, her name is Marta Biel. We’ve been working with her for some time and certainly we always find her happy and ready to work. It doesn’t matter the format of the book we ask her to do or the age of the children she has to draw for, Marta always finds resources to offer the best illustration. We met her drawing on the Big Book Festival (Festa del Llibre Gegant) in Sant Cugat. She is an entire artist! All the children fell in love with her illustrations.

We would like to know which is her secret and we ask her where does she take the inspiration from. Marta answers many things: «I got the inspiration from the little daily things, those that bring me memories from my childhood, those that allow me to dream awake. Sometimes I just like to stare at what is happening around me.

A rainy afternoon inspires me, a trekking on the mountain breathing fresh air, or a walking on the beach. Also the form of the clouds, a nice combination of colors, the smell of a cake just baked. And most of all, I got the inspiration from the people I cross with, I like to imagine how are their lifes, just as if they were characters of a story.

Thus, the nature and the people are the main source of inspiration for Marta. And when we ask her what she thinks her profession brings to society, she’s clear, «all of us have value things to contribute to society, whether you’re an illustrator or not». What makes an illustrator special is its look, everyone brings a different look.

Her illusion is to keep on working on what she likes most, as she says, «it would be a privilege». And she adds, «keep on growing every day as a profesional, there’s still many things to learn and I would like to keep on drawing pages and pages of stories with muy illustrations!».

We’re sure that Marta will never disconnect from the child we all have inside. The child who «is excited by the little daily things as if he sees them for the first time, the child who still has many things to learn and every discovery is an exciting adventure, the child who dreams and thinks everything is possible and everything is about to happen». If you want to know her better, take a look at her website:

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