Marta Dansa, the most creative person in publishing world

Marta Dansa, the most creative person in publishing world

Marta has been with Somnins since the beginning. Her illustrations and designs have accompanied us so many times! She has boundless imagination and a contagious joy.

What inspires her? She says she gets inspiration from «the colours, the light of the sun, the blue of the sea, the green of the fields… the smile of my sons, a hug, the kisses of a cat… a bit of everything.»

Marta recognises that creative jobs are opportunities to show your own perspective about everything in life. The task of the illustrators is a constant challenge that anyone resolve on a different way, and she explains it with a culinary metaphore: «according to the ingredients you use and how they prevail, the resulting dish will taste different.» As for the designers and illustrators job, she adds «we can make things better to understand, we can make things more beautiful, but the important is to make things that can surprise you, or that make you thing and fall you in love

Her aim is to enjoy with her work and keep on learning. «I love bringing closer creativity to kids and make them live and thing on a different way, their own way.» She is  constantly creating for clients and at the same time developing her own projects.

We’re pretty sure that Marta won’t be able to unlink from the children world. «It is essential to be connected with our kids, we need to be openminded and enjoy life like a game. I love it!» You can feel this passion on all her creations. Please, don’t stop creating, Marta!

If you wish to know her better, don’t forget to visit her website

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