New tales of personalised books for Super Prota

New tales of personalised books for Super Prota

You can already find available two more titles edited by Somnins on the Super Prota website. One of them is about a pirate adventure with a very ecological and intriguing mission. And the second one is about a brave princess who has to break an ancient curse.

On the book A Pirate Adventure, we encourage children to live an exciting adventure sailing on a ship with the mission of rescue the sea turtles that Captain Longtail is holding captive. The story can be personalised with the name and also by adding a photo. The fantastic artwork of Anna Clariana get immerse our character in the dangerous world of pirates overseas.

The story A Very Happy Princess is designed to customize the name and, optionally, the photo of all the girls who wish to become princesses for a day. A princess that will be very down on earth and in no way a snob, because she must free her kingdom from an ancient curse. Sigrid Martínez gives us the opportunity to live this story through its beautiful illustrations.


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