In this series, you will discover the most important moments in the history of humanity. Travel with Marcia and Rita in their time machine and discover historical, funny, and very crazy scenarios. Help them return home while learning secrets and curiosities from the past.

In this second adventure, we go back to the Roman Empire. Travel around the Mediterranean, where you will meet gladiators, emperors, philosophers, and the most important remains of this great Empire.

It contains:

  • 9 full-color double illustrations.
  • Historical explanations about each illustration.
  • 15 objects to find by illustration separated by difficulty levels
  • “Did you know…” at the end of the book with curious and real facts about the Roman Empire

From 6 years old.


Book size: 23 x 28 cm

Pages: 20

Binding: cartró

Rights: sold in Catalan and Spanish (for Spain)

Original idea: Somnins Edicions

Other titles of the series: Look & Find. Ancient Egypt

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