ratoncito-web-mida-bonaIn this story the cousin of Ratoncito Pérez, whose name is Miki, would like to organise the most important exhibition of teeth in the world. He will need some help though. Ratoncito Pérez and the children that read the book will have to seek  all the teeth that other children have lost through the pages of the book. Have you ever lost a tooth? This is a seek and find book that will walk you through very familiar sceneries, such us the canteen in the school, the park, the cinema… Would we be able to find enough teeth to help Miki on his exhibition? The illustrations are by Marta Biel. Besides, you will find attached in the book the mouse door on a vinyl to put somewhere in your room.

Size: 230 x 260 mm

Pages: 32

Binding: hardback

Rights: not available

Customers: Estrella Polar i Timun Mas

+ 3 years

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