Frontal ARTE DE ESCRIBIRCaligraphy is the practice of the manual scripture. We can say that this practice is the “art of writing beautiful”.

This is the first idea of the introduction of the book The Art of Writing, a very instructive material for all those who would like to introduce themselves on this discipline. The book has three different parts: the first one is a short introduction to the concept of caligraphy and the differences among caligrafphy, lettering and tipography. The second part offers 9 unpublished alphabets and expressly created for this book, with some guides and templates to practice the drawing of letters. And the third part shows 12 original idees to put in practice all the calligraphy you learnt, and even it gives you some tricks to create nice personalised presents.


Size: 22,5 x 22,5 cm

Pages: 64

Binding: paperback

Rights: not available

Customer: Ediciones B

+ 10 years

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