Coberta Juega con el ABCPlaying with the ABC (Juega con el ABC) is a pack with some material to learn the ABC while playing. The pack includes: an activity book to practice writting all the letters and resolve activities, two sheets of stickers, the game of slides and ladders with all the alphabet letters, a card game with 54 cards to play with the whole family and a board with an erasable marker.

A complete kit so that every one could learn at their own path by himself or with the family.

Size of the case: 20,4 x 28,7 x 2,3cm

Size of the book: 19,5 x 28,2cm

Pages: 48

Binding: paperback

Size of the slides and ladders game: 44 x 35cm

Rights: not available

Customer: Círculo de Lectores

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