coberta-mi-maletin-web My activities briefcase (Mi maletín de actividades) is a book with more than  65 activities to have plenty of fun. The book is divided into 6 chapters, each one dedicated to one of your favorite classical tale. On each tale you can read, add, draw, write, solve mazes, complete series, find the differences, etc. The book also brings an erasable marker for the writing activities.

It also includes a memory game and a game of tangram, and also two pages of stickers to use them in the activities.

The illustrations are by Emma Martínez and the design is by Natalia Margarit. The size is big and comfortable to work on it, plus it has a handle to pick it up so you can take it here and there as if it was a real briefcase.


Size of the book: 265 x 295 mm

Pages: 60 pages (48 offset + 12 laminate) + 2 pages with stickers

Binding: hardcover

Rights: not available

Client: Círculo de Lectores

+ 3 years

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