Somnins edits the catalog of familiar tourism

Somnins edits the catalog of familiar tourism

The Catalan Agency for Tourism of the Generalitat de Catalunya wants to promote the destinations specially sensitives to family tourism.  These destinations offer facilities and services tailored to the needs of families with young children. Following this idea, Somnins has developed a very practical catalog in which loads of funny activities appear very well classified with an attractive design.

The catalog, Escapades en família (Family getaways) contains useful information about the destinations, the activities offered, the prices and the recomended age to do the activities. All of them are very exciting to do with children: from ski in mountain destinations, to water sports (including sailing, snorkelling…) in coastal destinations. Some of them are very special, such as the proposal to accompany and help during one whole day the shepherd of the Prades Mountains.

This catalog has represented an exciting challenge for Somnins. We took special care on the design, presenting the information presenting in a very visual way, using pictograms, colours, nice pictures, etc. to reach a very intuitive reading.



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